Dental Instruments

Amalgam & Composite Carvers

Amalgam and Cement Carrier

Articulating Paper Holder

Bone Files

Cavity Preparation

Composite Filling Titanium Coated

Cord Packers

Cotton Pliers – Dental twezeers

Dressing – Tissue Suturing Forceps

Endodontic Instrument


Explorer Probs

Gum Retractore

Hemostatic Forceps

Explorer Probs

Impression Trays

Ortho Wire Cutters TC

Orthodontic Mathieu Plier

Periodontal & Endodontic Probs

Periodontal Chisels


Matrix Retainers & Clamps

Mirror Handles


Mixing Spatulas

Mouth Gags

Needle Holder With Tungsten Carbide

Ortho Bracket Holding Twezeers

Ortho Measuring Calipers

Periodontal Files

Periodontal Gracey Curettes

Periodontal Knives

Periodontal Scalers

Periodontal Elevatores


Plaster Knives Cutters

Plastic Filling Instruments


Rubber Dam


Surgical Bone Curettes

Surgical Scissors

Surgical Scissors With Tungsten Carbide

Syringes – Suction Tips

Tissue Toungue, Lip & Cheek Retractores

UK Type Extraction

UK Type Extraction Forceps Pedo

USA Type Extraction Forceps

Waxing Instruments


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